Our room is FULL of midges! – 4th–6th August 1996

Sunday 4th Considering I didn’t get to sleep until about 3am, I woke up quite early. Well, 9am.

We didn’t really do too much today apart from go into Kilmarnock town centre. Well, Rhian, Abby and I rode our bikes down the hill and never thought about how hard it was going to be going back up again!

There are two other kids here called Jennifer and Iain. They are brother and sister. Twins actually age 12 but you wouldn’t even think they were related! Jennifer has shortish blonde hair, is quite chubby and not particularly tall. Ian has dark hair and is tall and thin with a brace. Jennifer is split between a Manchester United supporter and a Glasgow Rangers supporter whilst Iain is a Newcastle United supporter with a Manchester United away shirt.

Rhian, Tom, Abby and I have been a bit shy, not knowing what to say. They have too! We spoke a bit this evening but Mum and their mum were talking and gave all the information to us.

We also went swimming in the pool here in Loudoun Mains. It’s quite small but goes deep in the middle.

Anyway, I’ll stop for today and give an update tomorrow if I remember! Bye!

Monday 5th Our room is FULL of midges! They’re horrible all flying around the light!

We went to the seafront in Ayr. Tom and Minnie went on all the kiddies rides whilst Rhian, Abby and I were bored.

When we got back we decided to go for a swim. So did Jennifer and Iain. We all got in the pool and I was talking to Jennifer about where they have been. Iain’s quite nice actually but I don’t really know him.

Wow! I haven’t mentioned Dougie for ages but Iain’s taken over the staring job! Bye!

Tuesday 6th I haven’t seen much of Iain and Jennifer today because we’ve not been here for most of it. The whole lot of us (except Grandma and Mollie) went to the Magnum which is like a huge swimming pool with a river thing, 2 flumes, Spacebowl which is like a round thing on a whirlpool, slides, outdoor & indoor pools and jacuzzis and fountains. It’s well cool!

I went on both flumes, slides, all the pools and rivers but not on the Spacebowl. I wasn’t brave enough! Bye!

August 1996 - Spacebowl

[I think you NEED to ask so that you can be informed that this is actually the Spacebowl.]

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