I don’t want to be miles taller than everyone – 1st–3rd August 1996

Thursday 1st Abby, Mum and I went into town this morning. I bought a pair of blue and white checked trousers, purply-pinkish nail varnish and a white T-shirt. [My summer style. FIT.]

I am looking forward to going to Ayrshire and Caithness. It has been decided that Uncle G can take us kids on trips, Mum and Auntie S can shop and Dad, Grandma L and Mollie can please themselves.

There is a dry ski slope in Ayr and a swimming baths with shoots and stuff, beaches, walks, pony trekking, a theme park and more! Bye!


I have my worries though, as usual.

What if I have a period? I mean, I probably will because that would be just my luck! I wouldn’t be able to go swimming and if I didn’t want to tell Rhian why, I would have to think up some stupid excuse.

Also, I don’t want to be miles taller than everyone. Well, it’s unlikely that I will be taller than most of the grown-ups [except maybe Grandma L] but I hate it when everybody tells you have much you’ve grown and how much older you look. Know what I mean? [Yes. I would hate that very much now, too.]

Still, all that doesn’t stop me looking forward to it all! Bye!

Saturday 3rd WE’RE HERE! The journey seemed to last ages because I was bored in the car. Then when we got here, after following a herd of cows about quarter of a mile, a long wait was ahead before Tom, Minnie, Auntie S and Uncle G all arrived. Rhian and Grandma L arrived later by train.

The Loudoun Mains apartments are really nice. We’re in number 3. The others are in 1. They look like this:

August 1996 - Apartment2

[Because I forever wanted to remember where the sinks were located at Loudoun Mains.]


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