Linford Christie was disqualified – 26th–28th July 1996

Friday 26th Mum, Abby and I took Mollie for a walk to Dunham Massey. She really liked it there last time we went and I think she did today too.

July 1996 - Scribble dog

It has a lot of deer there and they were all just sitting or eating. When Mollie barked I was glad the deer with antlers ran away, not towards us!

July 1996 - Shitting deer

[Was the poo really necessary, young Tess?]

I had a bit of a headache when I got back. I hope I won’t be ill now.

I also got a got a pair of Kickers boots for half price from the fire salvage shop. They are really expensive and mine were £39.99.

Linford Christie just won his heat in the 100m and Kelly Holmes won hers in the 800m. Jonathan Edwards jumped 17m (?) in the triple jump and Tessa Sanderson didn’t do well really. Bye!

July 1996 - Olympics

Saturday 27th Right well I’ve not done much today. I’ve been watching the Olympics again. Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsent won a GOLD MEDAL! The first gold medal. It was in the rowing, the coxless pairs. Brilliant isn’t it?!

Tonight Kelly Holmes, Linford Christie and Denise Lewis are running and stuff. [Running and stuff. The definition of ‘Olympics’ right there.]

In hockey, men’s Great Britain (us) are against Russia, I think. Last time I looked, Britain were winning 2-0.

The awful thing though was that there has been a bomb. 2 people died and loads were injured. Over 100.

We’ve made arrangements to go to Camelot on Tuesday. Bye!

Sunday 28th It’s rained for most of the day and it still is now so I haven’t done much.

Mum and I sorted out some of my old clothes for the Oxfam bin but when we took them the container was burnt and it smelly horrible inside so all the bags of clothes are in the back of the car still.

Rhian (cousin) phoned before and sounds really excited about the holiday.

Linford Christie was disqualified from the 100m semi finals after 2 false starts. Liz McColgan came about 12th or 13th in the marathon and Colin Jackson won his 110m hurdles heat. Sally Gunnell won hers (400m) and Roger Black won his race, I think. Bye!

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