The vet stuck her finger up Mollie’s bottom – 23rd–25th July 1996

Tuesday 23rd I went with Mum and Abby to town today. I bought a small black and white bag […of which very similar ones are currently available in many high street shops. I am old enough for my teenage fashion items to be back on trend!] and 3 hair bobbles. I can’t remember what the other 2 bought.

July 1996 - Scrunchies

The 3 of us also took Mollie and Cleo to the vet today. Cleo went for her booster injections and Mollie keeps scratching and chewing at her fur. It’s not fleas and after the vet stuck her finger up Mollie’s bottom it turns out she has swollen glands or something and has to have more fibre.

July 1996 - All Bran

We’ve got one week and a few days or so before we go to Loudoun for a week then on to the very north of Scotland for a couple of weeks to see our cousins. Mollie is coming with us! Bye!

Wednesday 24th The 3 of us went shopping again today. I bought a pair of denim shorts, black cycling shorts with white strips and a Speedo swimming costume. It’s a purplish colour.

July 1996 - Shorts

July 1996 - Cycling shorts

July 1996 - Cozzie

I haven’t been writing as much since school because not much has happened. No Dougie and co you see!

My cousins Rhian, Tom and Minnie all seem eager to see us again. We are meeting them a week on Saturday in Loudoun then going to where they live. Bye!

Thursday 25th I have mainly been bike riding today. I got a phone call from Hayley asking if I wanted to go on a ride so I said yes. Very enthusiastically because I was bored. I would have phoned her but I thought she was on holiday. We just went into the next village and rode about until we got to Hayley’s house. Her nephew was there with her sister. He is so sweet. Then her other sister turned up with her nieces. Abby was also there.

It’s the athletics in the Olympics tomorrow, finally! Britain has won 1 silver medal (that’s it) from Paul Palmer in the swimming part. Bye!

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