Thank yous from the realm of 2014

I’m all chuffed to have been nominated for 2 awards recently by 3 whole people! It made me all smiley that they’ve seemingly enjoyed reading my blog, even though I was probably the most unrebellious teenager in the land.

Here’s a massive TA VERY MUCH to Miki at Jumping Into The Fog and Tiffany at Mermaid For A Day for my Very Inspiring Blogger Awards and also to Elke at The Pretty Platform for my Sunshine Blogger Award.

I’m supposed to give you all some facts about me but you all know far more than some of my closest friends and, to be honest, I’ve not become a whole lot more interesting as an adult. I relatively recently wrote a Liebster Award post which has some facts in it if you would like to see. Some of them are even from this century.

The other part is to nominate others for these awards but I’m having the same problem as with the Liebster and I still can’t find many new-ish bloggers that haven’t already done one of them. I’m also a wee bit worried (yes, worrying still forms about 80% of my thoughts) that my nominees would feel forced to link back to my blog. I genuinely like and follow all those that have nominated me so I’m happy to do so but I go all shy when it’s my turn and I don’t want to bother fellow bloggers. If anyone wants to link back to my diary out of choice then I’m always very happy about it but if I’m somehow behind it then it’s not quite the same. Maybe I’m overthinking this and denying myself new readers!

Perhaps I’ll just post a list of blogs-wot-I-well-like at some point. That way there’s no compulsory linkage to my diary and it doesn’t matter if my listees have previously been nominated for awards. Sorted.

In other present-day news, you may have noticed that I changed my picture. This one is a bit less sinister and assassin-y while still maintaining an element of disguise in case Freda ever finds this and tells Dougie.

If you’re reading this already, Freda, please don’t tell him!


Tess x

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