I suppose I’ll just work on my Irish accent – 21st & 22nd July 1996

Sunday 21st Why is it that in the summer there is nothing decent on TV? The only good things on are usually repeats!

July 1996 - Telly

I am listening to my radio again and earlier on there was a number 1 single from February 1990! Who wants to know?

Nobody has really done very much today. It’s too hot. I have either been in the hammock, watching The Bill on Sky or the Olympics in Atlanta on BBC1 or BBC2. It’s mostly on late though because of the time difference. The athletics haven’t started yet either.

July 1996 - Atlanta

We had a barbeque for tea which was nice and Abby managed to eat something too. Bye!

July 1996 - Cutlery

Monday 22nd Boy, have I been bored today! Dad’s ill now. He thinks it’s something he’s eaten. [His own barbeque.] Abby’s still recovering from her food poisoning.

There’s nothing much to do really. It’s too warm to do anything so I have just sat criticising the male gymnasts in the Olympics. [Obviously because I could do so much better.]

It’s all soft soppy songs or talking on the radio now so I suppose I’ll just work on my Irish accent. [WTF?!]

July 1996 - Goodnight

[I didn’t say bye! Risky stuff. I was convinced that something bad would happen if I didn’t say bye. I must’ve been feeling invincible… with a perfectly honed Irish accent.]

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