100s or 1000s of detentions – 19th & 20th July 1996

Friday 19th NO MORE SCHOOL FOR 7 WHOLE WEEKS!!! YES! It’s great! No more unwanted homework, stuffy classrooms, blazers, ties, knee length skirts or bloody Freda for 7 weeks! YAAHOOO!

July 1996 - Party no school

I went in the new block in school today and it’s well ace!

Loads of people got bollocked (sorry) today for putting gold spray paint in their hair. Ollie and Pallav bought it at lunch. Everyone who had it in had to have their names written down on paper for September when they will probably have 100s or 1000s of detentions! They all had to stand at the back of the sports hall in assembly too.

Assembly was embarrassing for me too! I had to go up and collect my flute exam certificate because I PASSED! That was totally unexpected. I knew nothing about it! When I was walking back to my place I saw Dougie and Owen Kendal smiling at me. So was Ralph who wasn’t sitting with them.

I won’t see Dougie for 7 weeks either. Oh well, never mind! Bye!

July 1996 - I love school not

Saturday 20th I’ve really just mooched around the garden today. I couldn’t even be bothered putting socks on! I’ve just walked around with bare feet.

I fell out of the hammock and hurt 3 fingers when I tried to grab the washing line to try and stop me falling. It didn’t work and I fell on my knee. Ouch!

I did go to the garden centre with Mum and Abby and I took Mollie for a walk with Dad. Abby seems better today but she is still very pale and thin. She’s been off school for 3 weeks and missed the 1st Year residential trip.

Corn flies are everywhere! Bye!

July 1996 - Cornfly

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