She asked him out for me! – 17th & 18th July 1996

Wednesday 17th We’ve had a baby hedgehog in the garden today.  It’s so sweet! I fed it with some water and cat food.

July 1996 - Hedgehog

What I did notice was plenty of fleas!

July 1996 - Flea

I have also seen baby rabbits when we took mollie for another long walk! They’re cute too.

July 1996 - Rabbit

I could just tell that Johnny Doherty wanted something today when I dropped my money and he helped me pick it up. Believe me, that’s not normal behaviour for Johnny! He wanted 20p. I gave him it.

I am getting a copy of a photo of Dougie hopefully. I bet something happens and I don’t get it! He just looks so gormless and it’s tempting to stick it on the notice board. [Yeah, whatever.] Bye!

[What I can only assume is Dougie's severed head.]

[What I can only assume is Dougie’s severed head.]

Thursday 18th I tell you, I nearly thumped Freda today! I managed to control myself though. In Technology, she wouldn’t give me or Lizzie a piece of paper! It wouldn’t exactly have broken her bank, would it?

Outside Science, Dougie and co walked past so Freda shouted, “Tess loves Dougie!” It was really loud and they all heard. Then she asked him out for me! I hadn’t asked her to. He said,” No, you ask me that every time you see me.” I kicked her hard on the shin for that. Maybe I do have a violet violent streak after all!

In assembly, I was only a few people away from Dougie and I caught him turning around and craning his neck and grinning (sweetly). I have him my daggers glare to make him turn away. [Why?] It worked too!

Everybody in our form was complaining about Mr M this well weird English teacher. He gave unfair reports. My report was quite good actually! [Swot.]

Flipping heck! I am listening to the Diet Coke advert on the radio. [It was this one but without the added cheese of the video to go with it.] The words are so crap! Bye!

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