Marigold Week– 15th & 16th July 1996

Monday 15th [HUGE NEWS!!] Dougie’s had his hair cut! It’s really the same as before but a bit shorter and it looks funny!

Owen Kendal has never really spoken to me before, never mind for no reason like today. He just walked past me on the stairs and said, “Hi, I haven’t seen you for ages!” just like I’ve known him all my life. I just said “Hello” back to him.

Ralph came over to our bench at first break and Lizzie went all shy so I talked to him with Cat and he ended up telling us what he did after he got up this morning!

Those have really been the highlights if my day apart from the karaoke in music. I haven’t stopped singing ‘Three Lions’ all day! (The England Euro 96 song.) Bye!

Tuesday 16th It’s been a pretty normal day really. The work has been different though I suppose. It seems like the teachers have run out of work for us.

R.E. – We just watched a video.
History – We had to work.
Home Economics – We had a slavery lesson or ‘Marigold Week’ as Mrs K calls it. It really means cleaning everything for the stupid old bat!

[Mrs K, I presume]

[Mrs K, I presume]

French – We went on doing bar charts.
Science – We watched a video and did ‘DANGER’ posters on electricity.

Lucy has half decided to have either a 70s party or a water party and a sleepover! She lives nextdoor to Dougie! Cool! Bye!

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