I got some good writing slate – 11th & 12th July 1996

Thursday 11th P.S.E. [Personal and Social Education], Science, Drama and Maths were all pretty boring and I worked with Emma and Lizzie all the time. I’ll just go on to the formal dinner/disco now.

Beforehand there was a long queue for the shower so I just did my hair and got changed. Everybody kept saying I looked really nice [They were lying. I’ve seen the photos] which I appreciated.

We went to the dinner hall in a large group and as we were going down the steps, all the lads started shouting and whistling at us so I turned round and yelled, “WHAT?!” at them and they actually shut up. I hate to say it really but the boys looked really nice too!

The dinner was very embarrassing for Dougie and me because Emma, Freda, Cat and Olivia kept asking James [Why his actual name now?] out for me. He just turned red and stared at me (as usual).

The disco was good too. Especially when Bobby and George took their shirts off! Phew! Fit or what!

Dougie and Ralph were hanging round with me and my friends and dancing. Dougie kept coming over to me and I’m sure he was about to dance with me and I stupidly turned round to get a drink. [I actually remember that panic vividly!] I came back and he didn’t stop looking at me all evening. Bye!

Friday 12th I didn’t really care if I came home or not today. I could have stayed another day actually. A lot has happened since last night.

For a start, at breakfast, Dougie and co came and sat at the table in front of us so we could talk but they had to move to their usual place unfortunately.

Leona has decided that she fancies Dougie now which annoys me because she keeps changing who she fancies every couple of weeks. [As did we all.] I wonder how long this will last. A short time I hope. (It probably won’t now I’ve said that!)

Now for the big surprise. LIZZIE is going out with RALPH CHRISTOPHERSON! We had Dougie, Owen, Graham Baxter, Jez, David, Will Fernley and Ralph all over at our table mithering poor Lizzie. I bet she felt like she was being forced into it but I suppose I didn’t help at all!

I wish I’d have taken my camera now so I could have pictures of people [Dougie]. I’ll see if I can borrow some negatives of someone.

The Slate Museum was boringish but I got some good writing slate! [Every young girl’s dream.]

Tess Simpson LOVES James Douglas – Just thought I would mention it!

I hate coaches! Bye!

5 thoughts on “I got some good writing slate – 11th & 12th July 1996

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