“Did you name a sheep after me?” – 10th July 1996

Wednesday 10th I was so tired this morning that I nearly fell asleep on the bus going to the gaol on Anglesey. It took ages to get there and I felt really ill by the time we were there because the road was so windy and hilly.

When we finally arrived we went into an old courthouse and the gaol which were both really creepy. At one point someone moaned and it scared me so I legged it back to Emma.

The Sea Zoo was really good actually. It wasn’t as big as I thought but there was plenty of sealife.

I have also had my 4th period today [I promise I’m not still keeping track of the number of times I have decorated the secret passage] but it didn’t make much difference really.

In the evening we did aerobics and went back up to our rooms for a bit. I went in Sarah’s room and found Lucy crying. Leona and Olivia came in too. Eventually she gave Olivia her necklace that says her nickname ‘Squeak’ on it and told us to give it to Owen Kendal. So Leona, Olivia and I went and found Owen who was sat on a hill with the rest of that gang.

[Future Lizzie has remembered the background to this. Owen used to take the piss out of Lucy on the bus and call her ‘Squeak’ because of her squeaky voice. Lucy luuurved Owen anyway and got a necklace made with his name for her on it but he didn’t luuurve her back so she had a cry and a mini drama.]

Owen didn’t really want the necklace and started talking to Olivia. Lizzie arrived with Freda then. Ralph Christopherson didn’t know who Lucy was so kept shouting at her window to get her to stick her head out.

David Ingle was talking to Lizzie and Jez Greenhalgh was busy snogging Gemma Crowther.

(These are all who Dougie hangs round with by the way and they were ignoring the girls who usually shadow them to talk to us [except Jez]. Cool!)

Meanwhile, Dougie came up to me and said, “Are you Tess?” (He knows who I am really.)
I said, “Yes.”
Did you name a sheep after me?” he said, sounding a bit embarrassed.
I kind of nodded and he went on to the subject of Lucy being the nextdoor neighbour from hell! When she eventually did come down, Ralph went, “Urrgh! She’s minging!” [Helpful teenage boy.]

At swimming, I just sat out. I really wanted to get in the water but I just watched instead. Dougie mostly! I couldn’t help it though! He looked like such a neep in his swimming trunks. I honestly thought he would be a bit fitter than that!

I hated waiting and after sitting on a hard step for an hour, your bum starts to get a bit sore! Bye!

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