Looking for the six little green men – 9th July 1996

Tuesday 9th The food is really good here and from where I sit in the dining hall I get a great view of Dougie and co!

[I believe this is a plate of chips.]

[I believe this is a plate of chips.]

First of all we had orienteering which was ok I suppose. Emma and I got put in a group with 2 girls we don’t know that well and they are really nice.

July 1996 - Orienteering

The newspaper we did second was called ‘Bangors and Mash’ [See what we did there?] and we had to write articles to go in it.

The museum was pretty boring so we just spent time looking for the six little green men! [??]

The cathedral was ok I suppose. It was funny when 3 girls in our group were told that there was the body of a bishop buried in the wall because they edged forward from their seats!

Dougie keeps looking at Lizzie and me. It’s so annoying! [Bollocks! I’ll have loved it!]

It’s getting pretty late now. Oh yes, I am in Emma’s room now because I didn’t want to be on my own after Leona was caught fagging it [smoking, to clarify] in the girls toilets and is now upstairs crying with someone else that was caught. They got in so much trouble for it! Bye!

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