I’m worried about going to Bangor – 6th & 7th July 1996

Saturday 6th Well, not much has happened today apart from Mum and I went to town to get me a dress and top for the school trip I am going on. I hate wearing dresses but we have to in Bangor for the formal dinner/disco.

I have ended up with a checked black and white pinafore type dress that is quite short and a white denim short-sleeved jacket. [Nice.]

July 1996 - Disco attire

Abby’s still ill with food poisoning and is going to miss her school trip to Lancaster. Ahh! [I think that was sympathy.]

Dad and I took Mollie for a long walk this evening (well, I cycled) around the fields and to 2 ponds. Last time we took her up there, she got lost!

July 1996 - Walkies

It’s 11:35 at night now because I have been watching goodness knows what (that’s not a programme) on TV.

I’m worried about going to Bangor because some of my friends get to share rooms and I don’t. Dougie is going as well. People still keep teasing me about him because they all think (especially Emma and Freda) that I fancy him like crazy! [Funny, that.] Bye!

Sunday 7th I’m really worried about going to Bangor tomorrow. I don’t know why really. I think it’s because I am going to miss everyone at home so much. 4 days – it’s too long. [4 days?! I thought it was going to be much longer for this amount of fuss.]

I seem to be sitting next to Leona on the coach but I don’t seem to have anyone to share a room with. I want one of my friends really because, on my own, my vivid imagination runs wild! I can’t help it though! […Because I’d been watching too many X-Files.]

Grandma’s come to look after Abby for the week or until she gets better because Mum and Dad have to go to work. Bye!

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