I couldn’t stop smiling – 3rd & 5th July 1996

Wednesday 3rd It was the Summer Concert this evening at school. It went well I think. The orchestra had to sit through the whole thing which was ok because we wanted to see what other people did. We’re nosey!

As I walked past Dougie in the corridor, he looked so embarrassed when he saw me and just looked away when I looked at him. He was with his mates I suppose but I’m starting to wonder if Freda has said something! Bye!

June 1996 - 'Freda' the devil

[This can only be Freda.]

Friday 5th I didn’t get chance to write yesterday because I fell asleep! What happened was that Dougie was sitting in front of me in assembly and I couldn’t stop smiling. He kept turning round. My form and his are on the same coach to Wales. Great! Not.

Today we have been organising stuff for the trip. It is because some rooms are being decorated that some people in our corridor get to share. I don’t! That’s not fair! Hopefully I’ll sit next to Sarah or Leona on the way. Bye!

June 1996 - Coach

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