They could’ve got me too! – 27th & 28th June 1996

Thursday 27th That was really freaky just then when Abby’s temperature went really high. She even started screaming at one point!

Dougie showed me the lists for the Wales trip with school. I’m not in his group but he checked anyway. I’ve been put with Emma and a load of morons of boys! Dougie’s with Leona and Sarah. It isn’t fair!

June 1996 - Trainspotter

[Because only people that dress like this would enjoy Wales?]

I think my flute exam went ok. I was so nervous though! Bye!

Friday 28th I had a really big fright this morning when Dad and I took Mollie for a walk! We took her up the lane and into the field under the bridge and when we turned around after hearing her bark, she was gone! It was awful! We were wandering round the long grass but she wasn’t there! I felt awfully worried. I thought I was never going to see her again! I love her so much.

Dad walked up to the pond and left me on my own under the bridge by the gate.

June 1996 - Gate

That was the point that made me think that someone had taken her! I was scared. For Mollie and for me. If there was someone there, they could have got me too! My mind was racing with horrid thoughts and when Dad came back with no dog, I just panicked.

We decided to go home. As we walked down the lane there was a fresh footprint. Mollie was safely across the road on our drive and, as she yapped, I just burst into tears! I couldn’t help it! Bye!

June 1996 - Dog walk

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