I couldn’t resist watching Dougie run! – 24th–26th June 1996

Monday 24th I’ve just watched the X-Files on telly and I shouldn’t have! It’s the kind of programme that makes you jump when it’s on and think when it’s off! You know what I mean?

June 1996 - X

Dougie wasn’t in school today but that didn’t stop Emma! Before our flute lesson (an extra one) she was trying to make me admit I like him but I’m not planning on doing that! [OMG, I actually drew him!]

June 1996 - 'Dougie'

[He must never, EVER see this diary!]

Mum’s quite ill actually so Dad, Abby and I took Mollie for a long walk around many fields. My feet are so sore now!

June 1996 - Foot

I wonder what people think of me. It’s weird really because people can look differently to how they feel, can’t they? Bye!

Tuesday 25th It was Sports Day in school today and I have to admit that I quite enjoyed it!

June 1996 - Sports

My race was first, the 200m which is half way round the track. I was so nervous. I was against some really fast people actually. I came either 4th or 5th out of 8 which got my form some points. I also did the relay with Nina, Leona and Karen. Nina was first and passed it to me. She started off so slowly that we came second to last!

I couldn’t resist watching Dougie run! Bobby was in the race before and his face looked flat like it was pressed up on glass! [Oh dear. What was happening to him?] Dougie runs faster than he walks. [Er… yeah.] He was everywhere I went today too! (Probably not on purpose.)

Overall our form came 6th in our year. [Out of 8. Pretty shit then.] My apple crumble went alright! Bye!

Wednesday 26th  My day has just come to a disappointing finish. England v Germany this evening has been the talk of the day and after 90 minutes, extra time and England being the best side [you sure?], it was 1-1 so on the fucking [Ooh! My first proper swear!] penalties, Germany won 6-5.

Flute exam tomorrow! Major panic time! Bye!

June 1996 - Flute

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