Something black dropped past my nose – 22nd & 23rd June 1996

Saturday 22nd I spent most of my day at Mum’s primary school’s summer fair so I was pretty bored really. Mum was doing face painting and Abby was following me around.

June 1996 - Face painting

Leona was there but she mostly ignored me and went off with Adeela but eventually Emma turned up.

Abby, Emma and I went for a walk outside the school grounds for a while. Abby was chasing me with a plastic bag, trying to stick it down my t-shirt so I ran ahead and waited under a tree. Something black dropped past my nose and on to my denim jacket sleeve. Bird muck! URRGGH!

June 1996 - Bird shit


I watched the first of the quarter finals of Euro 96 between England and Spain. After 90 minutes it was 0-0. After 30 mins extra time it was 0-0. The winners from penalties were… ENGLAND! Yes! Brilliant! Shearer, Pearce, Gazza and Platt scored. Nice one to David Seaman our goalie!

Emma came back to our house for a bit and we took Mollie for a walk up the lane. The main part of the conversation was about Dougie, who else? Emma not only thinks I like him but also thinks that he likes me! I wish. Or do I?

We (my family) went for a meal this evening as well. Bye!

June 1996 - Vom

[I can only apologise]

Sunday 23rd That dog is unbelievable! I’ve just come into my room to find the contents of my bin strewn across the carpet!

June 1996 - Dog bin

Mum and Abby have been feeling ill [Was my vom drawing a premonition?] so Dad and I took Mollie for a walk.

June 1996 - Walkies

As we were going up the lane we saw this great big airship thing overhead. We had actually seen it yesterday but it was a way off. As we were walking it went right over us and it said FUJIFILM on it. Then in the distance there was another one! Very unusual. Bye!

June 1996 - Airship

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