JD rools O.K. – 20th & 21st June 1996

Thursday 20th As it is probably obvious, Thursdays are usually not complete without being teased. I walked past Dougie in the corridor, caught his eye and we both looked away quickly. Freda even spotted that.

In assembly, he was sitting a few rows behind and Freda was just sitting there grinning. Then at lunch, he brought his packed lunch over and sat on the next bench along! To make matters worse, Freda, Emma and Cat were talking purposely loudly to me about him.

I am actually getting really sick of all the teasing. You may just think that I am just going on and on about it but nothing else happens.

After school, there wasn’t much teasing so it was OK. The lads were in the library so we went too. Cat, Emma and I were looking at Egyptian mummy books so Bobby and George came to join us. Eventually so did Dougie and he was saying things like, “How did you get in this book, Emma?” and, “Stop staring at your photo, Cat!” [Hilair.] I noticed that he didn’t insult me.

After flute, Emma gave him a piece of tinsel off my flute case and I think he’s still got it!

There is a tame young sparrow in the guinea pig hutch! Bye!

Friday 21st I know that I have said it before but I AM REALLY GETTING SICK OF FREDA!!! In registration, Bobby got his homework diary out and on the front it says ‘JD (James Douglas) rools O.K!’ Freda was telling him to photocopy it for me.

After orchestra, I was just putting my flute away and I noticed the hanky and more tinsel were gone out of my case. It turned out that Emma had thrown them at Dougie and had lost them (or he’s still got them).

On the way out of the music room, Becky the 1st Year said loudly, “Oh, I know why you’re smiling, Tess. It’s because Dougie’s there!” He heard but pretended not to.

On the way home, Dougie was walking near Emma and I but I didn’t realise until HE looked at me (and grinned).

Mum went to Auntie M’s funeral today and she said everyone was feeling sad.

We buried the sparrow this morning. [What? Had it been mauled to death by guinea pigs?] Bye!

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