Worrying about Wales – 17th-19th June 1996

Monday 17th I’ve got Cookery tomorrow and I am making fruit salad. [That is NOT cooking.] I just hope it goes well!

June 1996 - Fruit salad

[I do not like the look of the things in the middle.]

Freda brought in a letter today from a lad called Jamie Dixon in America. Cool hey? Bye!

June 1996 - Letter

Tuesday 18th I didn’t go to school today. I was wagging it! No, seriously, I wasn’t very well. [Ah, I had me going there. I thought wagging it would’ve been a bit too rebellious for me.] My voice had almost gone, my nose was both running and blocked up, and I have a cough.

June 1996 - Poorly

So I have mostly just sat on the couch, sleeping, watching TV and thinking. Well, thinking and worrying about Wales. We have to go on a residential trip to Bangor. What if:

  • I forget something vital
  • I am ill
  • I get put in a group with none of my friends
  • I get stuck on a corridor at night with no-one I know
  • Dougie gets put in Freda’s group
  • Dougie gets put in my group!

I bet that next school year my flute lesson will get put on a different day to Dougie’s guitar lesson and I will get split from Emma and Zoe for my lesson.

OH NO! I’ve got a (drum roll) [Why?] FLUTE EXAM next week! ARRGGGHHH!

I [cooked?] made my fruit salad at home today. It went quite well actually. Bye!

Wednesday 19th I’ve been feeling better this evening so I should think I will last the day at school tomorrow. I might not do P.E. because Mum will give me a note so I have the choice.

I did go into school for about an hour today. I did Drama then went to the school office at 1st break so they could phone my mum to pick me up. I had to wait in the corridor on a chair next to Carl Burgess (in my English and Science groups) and I was feeling rather awkward. I didn’t know if I should speak to him so I fiddled about in my bag for something to keep me occupied. Mum got there pretty quickly and I was glad to get away from the corridor.

I had to go back to Mum’s primary school until lunch so I heard some children read. I was glad to get home but after being mauled by little kids it was really quiet. Too quiet.

I went to the doctor after Mum came home. I went to see him about my spots. Before, he prescribed tablets which I found out today can give you diseases that I can’t spell. [OMG what?!] It’s like a 1 in a million chance thing but you know what mothers are like. Today, he gave me some cream stuff that I can’t even pronounce, never mind spell!

It was Dad’s 50th birthday today! He had a lot of daft cards and will probably have a few pints at the pub tonight!

The cat is on my bed with me now. Bye!

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