I CAN WHISTLE WITH MY FINGERS NOW! – 14th-16th June 1996

Friday 14th The school part of today was awful with Freda teasing me about Dougie. He came to orchestra. I don’t know if I wanted him to stay or not.

This evening, we went to see Grease at the Opera House in Manchester. It was brilliant. There are so many lights, it’s loud and lively and it made me want to get up and dance. [Doesn’t take much, to be honest.] I would love to do something like that. It must be so cool! [Except I hated drama and couldn’t even read my English work out loud.] Shane Richie off the TV was in it playing Danny and Helen Way was Sandy. I loved it and I would like to see it again!

June 1996 - Grease

I CAN WHISTLE WITH MY FINGERS NOW! It might not sound so exciting but I’ve been trying to do it for ages!

I found out that Auntie M (actually my great auntie on Mum’s side) is dying of cancer. Poor thing!


Saturday 15th Abby went to town with her friends today but didn’t stay as long as planned. One of their mums went to pick them up because of a bomb explosion in Manchester city centre. IRA again, I think. Nobody got killed unlike when the bombs went off in Warrington a few years ago.

Mum went to see Auntie M at the hospice with her cousins and Grandma S. Mum says that it is a lovely place that’s not sad at all but peaceful. She also said that Auntie M is just fading away quietly and is in no pain which I am glad to hear. Nobody thinks she will last much longer because she is so weak and frail. She sleeps a lot and has had a happy life which everyone will remember. This is upsetting me a bit now so I will tell you what I did this afternoon.

I went to Emma’s house to have a barbeque. We went to our school tennis courts for a bit but it was too hot (for the first time this year) so we went back to Emma’s house. We spent most of the time in the field with that horse. I was a bit nervous. Bye!

June 1996 - Horse

[Nice detail. NOT!]

Sunday 16th Mum has just told us that Auntie M died at 5pm. I am sure she went straight to heaven because she was such a good, kind person.

We had a barbeque at home for tea. It was lovely. Then for afters, Abby and I had to ride our bikes to the next village to go to the shop for some marshmallows. Bye!

3 thoughts on “I CAN WHISTLE WITH MY FINGERS NOW! – 14th-16th June 1996

  1. This is great! I wish I had kept my teenage journals to laugh at years later! However, mine were a dark scary place…the adult journals are much more interesting! Bye lol


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