Sleeping on the job and dealing drugs – 12th & 13th June 1996

Wednesday 12th Well, what an exciting day I have had! NOT! I got up this morning and Mollie didn’t come to meet me. She just lay in her basket upside-down looking at me.

Drama – Good apart from that we took all lesson to understand the warm-up.

French – Well, I HATE FRENCH! I just embarrass myself!

English – Flipping heck! I’m sure that Mr M is giving us GCSE work! We have to do a project and it sounds as if he wants us to write a b****y book!

Art – Leona had to go 10 mins early for a dental appointment so I was left with Bobby and Ollie nattering on to me about goodness knows what.

Science – We are doing electrical circuits and, because we talk too much, we have been sat in alphabetical order. Mr T put us into groups today. My group was me, Ian Robertson, Ed and Sarah.

Abby thinks I like quite a few people and one of them is Ian. When I told her he was in my Science group, I could see her eye twinkle a bit! Ian was walking to his piano lesson after school and Emma saw me watching him. She had the same look as my sister. Emma also caught me looking at the bus which had Dougie on it. Great! Bye!

Thursday 13th Our headteacher’s been suspended! It’s just about all people have talked about in school. There have been all sorts of rumours going around saying that she had men in her office, slapped pupils that were misbehaving,  that she had been sleeping on the job and dealing drugs to the 4th and 5th Years!

Nobody’s sure but we think the real reason is because she went on holiday and took money from school funds to pay for it. [Boring.]

In assembly, Dougie was sitting a couple of rows in front of me and he kept turning round. I pretended not to look and whispered to Leona. Emma said she saw me watching him. I wasn’t though. We caught each other’s eye at one point which made us turn away quickly. I don’t even think he likes me, not even a bit. There are much prettier girls than me in our school year.

After school we spent most of our time on the CD Roms in the library. When Dougie went for his lesson, he went through the staff entrance but the gate thing was locked. He tried to squeeze through but I suggested he went underneath. It’s obvious really. He should’ve worked that out, he’s intelligent enough!

Leona’s met Ryan Giggs from Manchester United! Bye!

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