On trial for GBH and possible murder – 3rd & 4th June 1996

[The title of this post is perhaps a tad misleading…]

Monday 3rd Actually, school wasn’t too bad today apart from having to sit on my own in Maths because Hayley wasn’t in.

Lucy and I have come up with a really good story for English. We were in the computer room and we had to think of a 4-6 letter word for the name of the newspaper we were writing a story for so we both agreed on ‘TODAY’. It was hard thinking one up so we took it from someone else’s idea. They changed theirs.

We were given ‘MAN HITS OUT AT ALLEGATIONS’ for the headline and the story had to be based on that. Lucy and I have done one on a man who attacked an old lady who then died and he was put on trial for GBH and possible murder and was found guilty of manslaughter. He is then supposed to lash out at his lawyer because he is going to prison. [Genius.]

In P.E. we did the ‘Bleep Test’! ARRGGHHHHHH! [ARRGGHHHHHH!]  It is cones set out like this:

June 1996 - Bleep Test

It’s in the Sports Hall and there is a tape [as in cassette] that bleeps. As it bleeps you run and the aim is to get to the opposite cones before the next bleep and it gets faster and faster and faster and faster and FASTER. If you don’t make it, you’re out! (Yay!)

Emma’s been trying to make me admit I fancy Dougie but I say, “How can I admit something that isn’t true?” By the way, she said that in front of him again! Bye!

Tuesday 4th My form have R.E first thing on a Tuesday and we pass the people coming from their registration in there. This includes Dougie who came out of the room with that smile! It annoys me sometimes because he wasn’t with anyone or talking to anyone, just smiling to himself! [Why is that annoying? Poor lad.]

After school, Abby and I went for a bike ride. At about 8pm we went past the pub and there were these 3 kids. On our way past they shouted something. I didn’t hear what but shouted back, “Have you got a problem?” They answered, “Yes, you!” I told them that joke died out with the dinosaurs [as did that one] then after an argument we started talking. We told a pack of lies because we didn’t trust them. I was Sarah McLaren aged 15 and Abby was Kim Jordan aged 12 and she was my friend. They didn’t believe us so we told them the truth and they wouldn’t believe we were sisters.

We found out their names and ages and that they live on the estate at number 13, the first one with a new, pointy roof. Bye!

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