Coach loads of old people – 1st & 2nd June 1996

Saturday 1st We went to Silverdale or somewhere today which is near Morecambe, near Lancaster. It was a pretty little village with the kind of cottages that you would buy for holiday homes.

June 1996 - Holiday cottage

It is near the sea which we went to first. Mollie came too and though she was on a lead she still tried to chase the sheep!

June 1996 - Sheep

We walked around for a while and Mum and Dad went in a garden centre for ferns but Abby and I sat outside.

June 1996 - Fern

We had lunch at a pub and had to eat outside because of the dog. It was freezing actually!

After that we went to Morecambe Bay. I haven’t actually been before. It’s the kind of place where you imagine coach loads of old people arriving. It is that sort of place really but it’s not quite as boring as you think. [‘Morecambe Bay: Not quite as boring as you think.’ Visit Lancashire should use that glowing review on their promotional material.]

June 1996 - Coach

I don’t want to go back to school yet! I suppose I will get to see my friends though. Bye!

Sunday 2nd Well, I had a period today. My 3rd. Very exciting. NOT!

Anyway, we’ve been decorating the Secret Passage today. [Not a euphemism for periods… although I may use it from now on. “Sorry, I can’t be arsed going for a run. I’m decorating the secret passage this week. I’ll just eat this giant Toblerone and have a cry instead.”] We used mostly flowers and blossom. The Secret Passage is through the middle of a hedge used as a border to separate the field from our garden. It’s not very secret anymore seeing as we’ve told most of our friends about it!

Apart from that, we have been making paths through the barley field behind our house. We’re not supposed to go in that field unless we use the public footpath so if we’re caught we would be in trouble! We’d just blame it on the kids from the Youth Club or Mollie escaping or someone on a bike.

There’s one more thing – I DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW! Bye!

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