We saw Gail out of Coronation Street – 10th-15th May 1996

Friday 10th I think my sister is a swot. She came 1st in her class for Maths! Bye!

Saturday 11th I seem to have hurt my left ankle so I haven’t been far today which leaves me with nothing more to say! Bye!

Sunday 12th We went to Arley Hall and we saw Gail out of Coronation Street. She sounded quite posh! Bye!

Monday 13th We got our Maths results back and I got 75% on the easy test and 36% on the hard one. Hayley might move down a set but I hope not!

Dougie turned round and looked at me today with one eye closed and a trouser leg tucked in his sock. Weird! Bye!

Tuesday 14th Freda wrote Tes Simpson loves James Douglas on a bit of wood. She can’t even spell my name! I’ve not seen Dougie much today actually.

I went for an injection. I always dread them and this one hurt! Also, I finally found my purse and there was £70 in it! I want a pair of rollerblades now. Bye!

Wednesday 15th I am so glad Freda went in the opposite direction after Art today because Dougie came down the stairs and grinned at me! I’ve no idea why, he just did! It wasn’t a smug grin, it was a friendly one but unexpected!

We took Mollie for a walk around the fields tonight. Mum was collecting sheep wool. Bye!

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