I just felt like hugging him – 7th-9th May 1996

Tuesday 7th It’s been really wieird (weird or weird?) [weird] in school, not only because I kept nearly going to Monday’s lessons but also, just to confuse us even more, we had room changes! [NoooOOOoo! Not room changes!]

On my way to Tech, I saw Dougie with all his mates and as I passed he stopped talking to them, looked at me and smiled. I was on my own. When I was walking away, I turned round and so had he! I don’t know why! [Checking I was at a safe distance.] Bye!

Wednesday 8th It’s been exams and tests nearly all day.

English – Easier than some of the classwork we’ve done.
Science – Fairly basic.
French – Never happened. It’ll be next Monday instead. I can’t wait! NOT!!!

Because of all the exams, we have got to have registration in another building. There are only 2 rooms and ours was absolutely freezing this morning and sweltering in the afternoon! It’s terrible! Thank goodness it’s only temporary! He’s been doing it again today! Dougie that is. When he sees me and thinks I’m not looking he watches me! […Terrified I was going to fling myself at him.] Bye!

Thursday 9th This morning when I was walking to Tech with Freda, we walked past Dougie and his mates. Just as I was walking right past him, Freda pushed me into him on purpose. I don’t know what he did but she reckons he had his arms open! Yeah, right! I had to put my hand on his shoulder to stop myself from falling right over.

Then it was Dougie’s form’s assembly on ‘Opinions’ and Freda’s opinion was that I didn’t take my eyes off Dougie all the way through and that he kept looking at me when he was acting!

Before my flute lesson, Freda whispered something to Cat. I knew it was about me because I heard her say, “Don’t tell Tess!” After about 5 minutes, Cat told Emma and Becky the 1st Year. After a lot of mithering, Becky eventually told me. Freda had asked Cat to ask Dougie if he’d enjoyed the assembly and if he’d go out with Tess (me)!

Then Emma, Cat etc. walked off and left me with Bobby, George and Dougie who were seeing who had the highest science test results. I got 81% (3rd in class) and Dougie called me a swot. I think he really wants to have a game of tennis with me though. He keeps asking! I couldn’t be bothered [whatever – more like I was scared of making a tit of myself in front of him] so I leant Bobby my racket. The boys really seem to hate Emma. Whenever she said something nasty to me, they stuck up for me!

When we decided to go in, I left my tennis ball and racket on the courts and Dougie was the last one there. On his way past, he picked up my stuff and brought it to me! Unusual! Normally, he would just leave them but he didn’t and that was nice of him. I got his tennis ball back for him in return. [Witwooooo!]

After my flute lesson, I went to get my bag and found Cat holding the store room door closed. Dougie and Becky the 1st Year were inside so I barged in and let them out. Dougie looked so embarrassed and like he was about to cry. I just felt like hugging him [yeah, and the rest] but I didn’t. Becky just laughed. Bye!

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