Cut in half with a spade! – 4th-6th May 1996

Saturday 4th Mum got really annoyed just then because Abby and I were laughing about the parallel scratches on Abby’s arm. [Hilair.] We’ve been arguing nearly all day about who should have the May issue of a football magazine so Mum wants to know why we are friends at 11pm and not in the day!

We’ve been in the garden most of today putting plants and seeds in. While I was doing some, half a honey bee crawled out of the soil! It had 4 legs, no wings, no end and was just crawling around. It must’ve been cut in half with a spade! It’s making me go all shivery just thinking about it! [It’s having the same effect reading it now. Poor thing.]

Abby has decided that we are going to have a cattery. I haven’t actually made any decisions about what I will do when I leave school but I did think that, if we had a cattery, we wouldn’t be able to go on holiday. [Fear not, young Tess. We do not own a cattery and still go on holiday.] When I said that to Abby, she said something like, “You’d go on holiday with your boyfriend, Dougie!” I thought I could have a nice bank holiday without a mention of him at all! Bye!

Sunday 5th Abby and I have to revise this week for EXAM WEEK! It’s stupid! They torture us enough in the lessons. We don’t need this! Anyway, [in my professional opinion] I think class work is far more accurate than tests. Bye!

Monday 6th Well, it’s back to school tomorrow and, if it’s going to be as warm as this bank holiday, then I can’t be bothered going. Trouble is, I have to really. I think we should have a 3 day weekend every week. [Agreed.]

It’s been too warm to do very much today [it’d probably reached about 18oC/64oF which we are not accustomed to in north west England] but Abby and I cleared out the Secret Passage which is a hedge in the garden with a passage through the middle of it. Mum had been weeding and Dad has put some cobble stones along the edge of the flower beds.

Mollie has been asleep and Cleo has been eating birds. We know this because she sicked up a big pile of cat food that had bits of bird in it. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Cut in half with a spade! – 4th-6th May 1996

  1. This is a breath of fresh air! I always hate trashing my old work, digital is so much better. You really learn so much about yourself when you reflect on what you used to write and think. It was a brave move to put it all out there, I applaud you! Such a great premise.


    • That’s a lovely comment to begin my day with, thank you! I’m only really learning that Science was boring, Freda was an utter pain and that I was a bit of a stalker. I still worry roughly the same amount though. My current worry is that the people at work are sitting there reading this as sneakily as I’m sitting here writing it…


      • Haha that’s so funny because I understand the feeling! But I think they’re probably doing their own off-work internet things 😉 and no problem I enjoyed reading your work!


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