She thinks he’s horrid – 1st-3rd May 1996

Wednesday 1st Hardly anyone said anything to Freda today. I did because (even though it’s Freda) I hate seeing people left out since Lindsey and Karen were nasty to me.

Abby knows who Dougie is!!! She thinks he’s horrid and knowing her she’s almost as likely to say something as Freda or Emma!

I’ve put a tennis ball in my school bag so that, if we want a game of tennis after school tomorrow, we won’t have to bother finding one.

One of the guinea pigs went up Dad’s coat sleeve. Bye!

Thursday 2nd The twins and Dougie were there after school so Becky the 1st Year, Emma, Zoe and I met up with them and went in this water company lorry that was there for the 1st Years. We were messing on the computers in there until we got bored and went back outside.

Becky and Zoe started writing Tess 4 Dougie and TS 4 JD on bits of paper and Bobby said to me, “Are these really your friends?” None of them heard him. I wonder why he said that?! Bye!

[In case I ever forgot, this was ripped out of an old diary and stuck in.]

Wednesday 3rd In Geography, we went to the graveyard in the village. We were doing about the weathering of stone. Leona got really upset because her Nana died a few weeks ago.

I decided not to watch 999 Lifesavers tonight because it was about road accidents. It’d make me want to walk to the shops! Bye!

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