She got some leather trousers! – Mid April 1996

Monday 15th I had to go back to school today. I just hate the place!

Music – I had to sit next to Kevin Hyde, a complete and utter prat.
1st Break – Freda hadn’t mentioned Dougie yet.
Maths – Boring as usual.
English – OK but I still hate the teacher.
Lunch – Becky the 1st Year wanted to go and see Dougie but nobody would go with her so Emma said. “How about Tess? She fancies him too!” I blushed and Freda saw me. I can’t help it when I’m embarrassed! Freda said she was going to tell Dougie but I don’t think she did.
Geography – Boring.
P.E. – 800m race in athletics. My time was 4.07 minutes.


Tuesday 16th It’s been a horrid rainy day today but it was warm. School was pretty boring and Freda has been up to her usual tricks again! She shouted “Tess fancies Dougie!” Loud. Then guess who walks past. Yes, Dougie!

I’m dreading Drama tomorrow because I’ll probably have to do something awful! Either that or I’ll get put in a group full of idiots without my friends. Or I’ll have to do something on my own.

Anyway, I finished ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar’ in 2 nights and I’m about to start another book. I hope it’s as good! Bye!

Wednesday 17th In Drama, Leona had an accident. She was crouching behind a block which tipped back and hit her on the head. She had a lump and a cut and I had to take her to the school nurse. I think she went to the doctors and got butterfly stitches.

I bet you’re getting sick of hearing about James William Douglas! [Yep.] I saw him when I was handing out R.E. books. He looked at me and kind of half smiled. I also saw him coming out of our English room when I was with Freda. Thank God she didn’t say anything! Zoe says he’s a swot and it does seem like he’s in top set for everything. So am I actually! [OMG we have so much in common!!!] Bye!

Thursday 18th Grandma L was here again this evening because Dad brought her back from Wales. They brought a lot of Great Auntie M’s stuff too like a barometer, photos, a painting of the house Grandma grew up in, and the bread knife. Everyone says Great Auntie M cut her bread so thinly with that bread knife that the slices were almost see-through!

I have to read out a piece of work in English tomorrow. I hate doing that because, even if it’s a good piece, the way I seem to read it makes it sound really boring!

Just about everyone is getting sick and tired of Freda. It’s always the same – if a boy looks at one of us she’ll say, “Oh, so-and-so fancies thingy!” So far it’s Lizzie and Ian Robertson because he was looking at her, Emma and Peter Wright because she talked about him once, Leona and Ollie because they talk to each other a lot, and me and Dougie.

After school, Cat, Emma, Zoe and I went outside. I got absolutely soaked by Emma kicking puddles! Dougie was on the tennis courts and Cat kept calling him Doreen which I thought was really mean.

Our flute teacher wants Emma, Zoe and I to take Grade 2 but I can’t decide! I would probably get there and make a mess of everything and waste £19! Bye!

Friday 19th Reading out my English work was a complete disaster! When Mr M called my name out last, I thought I’d got away with it because the bell was about to go. It didn’t ring until I’d finished reading!

Anyway, I got to the front and started reading. I was really nervous and kept shivering. Half way through, Kevin Hyde got in trouble and everyone laughed at him. It seemed like I had to wait for ages and when I started reading again, Mr M said that I should wait for the audience to be quiet. I would’ve been there for hours! By then, I’d lost my place and ended up missing out loads.

Afterwards, Mr M said that I was better at written work than spoken and I agreed with him. He then said, “You didn’t enjoy that, did you?” I just shook my head because if I’d opened my mouth I would’ve sworn at him! [No, I wouldn’t have.]

Dad’s in Scotland with Grandma L. It’s weird speaking to him on the phone. Bye!

Saturday 20th It’s weird without Dad because we have to go everywhere with Mum instead of staying at home. We went to town and I got a pair of school shoes, a denim jacket, a navy blue and white checked top and a load of stationary.

Fake Kickers

Denim shirt

Checked top


Abby came too and she got some leather trousers! She wore them to Alice’s party tonight and thinks she looks so cool in them! They’re not even real leather! Mind you, my shoes aren’t real Kickers.

Dad phoned from Aviemore. He said he will be back for breakfast tomorrow. I hope so! Bye!

Sunday 21st I won’t write too much because it’s 11:30pm and I’ve got to get up early tomorrow. Dad arrived back at about 5am this morning and brought back all sorts of things like egg cups and spoons. We are all pleased to have him back.

I went to Emma’s today and went in the field with the horse again. I was a bit nervous so kept my distance! We went on the computer too. Bye!

Monday 22nd Freda didn’t tease me much today. She was too busy trying to wind up Emma but saying she fancied Robert Osborne. I came joint 1st with Freda in the 100m race in P.E. I probably would’ve won but Peter Wright was being daft and talking behind me so I missed the “GO!” signal. I came 2nd in the 200m. Bye!

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