She hit him on the knees with a hammer – Middle-ish April 1996

Thursday 11th Some people we know called Arthur and Mary were in trouble with the police. A man was letting his dogs into their garden which made Arthur cross so the man shot Arthur’s cat! (Horrid, cruel person!) Arthur and Mary both went round to the man’s house I think she hit him on the knees with a hammer. Arthur and Mary got in trouble with the police and so did the man and he may have his gun licence taken off him. (I hope so!)

My Great Auntie M died this morning. I think she was 94 years old. Bye! [I don’t think the ‘Bye!’ was aimed at Great Auntie M, although it does look that way.]

Friday 12th Grandma L came down from Scotland ready for Great Auntie M’s funeral on Monday. Dad, Abby and I went to meet her at the airport. We saw her British Airways plane come in to land and we saw her getting off it too. These men were helping her off the plane which she didn’t like at all because she says she can manage herself! I expect she can too!

Mollie always seems ever so pleased to see Grandma L and Mum is convinced that she can sense a dog lover! We didn’t do much else today apart from mooch around because it’s been sleeting a bit. Bye!

Saturday 13th My bedroom has been changed round, mainly because I wanted the small bookshelf from the spare room. It meant I had to move my toys, mirror and plenty of other stuff. It now looks a bit like this:

Room tidy

It looks far tidier. [Yet almost the same.]

Grandma L has gone to Wales now. I don’t want to go back to school! Bye!

Sunday 14th The thought of having to go back to school tomorrow is really bugging me! I mean, we spend 6 hours in school then they give us about 2 hours of b*!?#y homework! We hardly have time for any evening clubs or places we have to go after school. It’s completely stupid!

Going back to school is actually worrying me too. We’re going to have a new topic in English and Drama which makes me worry that I’ll have to do a lot of acting or reading out work. I worry that I will be put in a group with none of my friends, I will have to do something on my own or I will have to say a lot in front of the class! I’m not very confident when it comes to speaking in front of people. I’m not bothered about reading out loud from a book which isn’t my own though (unless it’s rude). Bye!

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