Elastic bands are put on their tails – Early April 1996

Monday 1st – I’ve got the cat on my bed at the moment. Today, Abby and I played with the fire [seems sensible], the see-saw and Mollie. Mollie made a hole in my wellies. Bye!

Tuesday 2nd – My cousins Rhian, Tom, Minnie and Auntie S came down from Scotland today. I had no idea! We went to see the sheep, played on the see-saw and with the fire. Got to go! Bye!

Wednesday 3rd – Tom is getting a bit more used to Mollie now. He was scared of her. We went to the sheep twice today. There is a lamb that we’ve called Teeny and I have named one after Dougie! I’ll have to tell him if I have the nerve! [No! Please don’t tell him that!]

Rhian, Abby and I have been playing badminton. [It was more aimlessly hitting shuttlecocks around the garden.] Minnie is cute. Bye!

Thursday 4th We went to the cinema today to see Jumanji. I was really good but quite scary. [Actual horror films were never going to be my thing.] Bye!

Friday 5th Hi! [Hi!] Today I wasn’t feeling 100% but I think I’ve just got a cold. (I hope. I think, I hope.) [What?] Rhian is as cheeky as ever, Tom is as Tom as ever and Minnie is as cute as ever! We went up to the sheep twice again today and there were a few lambs born. Tom was really curious about why the elastic bands are put on their tails and on the bits of the male lambs!

We tried to play badminton again today but Mollie kept catching and running off with the shuttlecocks.

When I was indoors, I drew these of those two horrid girls at school called Lindsey and Karen.

Lindsey & Karen

[Lindsey is on the left, Karen is on the right. What a delightful pair they were.]


Saturday 6th We sat watching a wedding at the church today. For tea, we went to Pizza Hut and I had a giant pizza with a cheese filled crust! Bye!

Sunday 7th We all went to the woods today. It was good. I kept getting stuck in the mud and Rhian had to rescue me. Tom nearly fell in the stream. Rhian has just been reading a book called ‘A Pram for Penelope’ but when she read it out she said PEN-A-LOPE! Bye!

Monday 8th Today we went to Ikea which is a big furniture shop. We didn’t buy much apart from pillows in a bag with no air in it. When you opened it, they went normal again! It’s totally cool! [The miracle of vacuum packaging.]

We have all been playing a game in the tree in which we are all runaways and we live in the woods. Of course, we don’t really! [Thanks for the clarification.] Bye!

Wednesday 10th My cousins went home today. Our house seems so quiet now. Too quiet. [Sinister.] We did go to town though and I used some of my book tokens. Bye!

15 thoughts on “Elastic bands are put on their tails – Early April 1996

  1. i was reading your entries and i couldn’t help but wonder how i would feel when i reach your age reading my own old diaries. 🙂 by the way, why are there elastics on the lambs’ tails? (just curious)


    • If they’re anything like mine then you’d cringe! The elastic bands cut off the blood to the tails so they drop off. It stops them getting encrusted in muck which can cause infections/maggot infestations. They’re also used to castrate the male lambs. Now, go and wow all your friends with this knowledge 😉


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