He kept kind of sneakily looking round at me! – Late March 1996

Sunday 24th I’ve been ill again today and I can’t be bothered writing. [I can tell. I can barely read the scrawl.] Temperature again! Bye!

Monday 25th I had the day off school today and I doubt I’ll go tomorrow either. I now have a sore throat and have to take tablets about this size:

Grandma S is looking after me. Bye!

Tuesday 26th I’m feeling a bit better today. Bye!

Wednesday 27th Should I go to school tomorrow or not? I can’t decide! You see, I phoned some of my friends this evening and none of them are going to be in. Can you believe it? If I go in, it seems like I’ll be on my own! Mum has given me a note for P.E. in case I don’t feel up to it. Bye!

Thursday 28th I went back to school today. Leona was there after all but no Freda or Sarah. It was probably quite good that Freda wasn’t there because Dougie was sitting in front of me in assembly and he kept kind of sneakily looking round at me! [Fearfully.] He went up to collect a merit certificate too and no doubt Freda would’ve shouted something out!

Lessons were boring as usual but I got to miss P.E. After school wasn’t very good either because Dougie wasn’t there. Becky the 1st Year, Emma and I went to the bus stop to see if we could see him on a bus but we couldn’t.

I’ve decided I want my hair cut. [PLEASE don’t cut it yourself this time!] Bye!

Friday 29th We’ve broken up for the Easter holidays. Two whole weeks without Freda mithering on every time I look in Dougie’s direction. I actually had a conversation with him today. It went like this:

(This is only similar!)
Emma: Will you go out with Becky?
Dougie: No!
Emma: Why not?
Dougie: Because I don’t want to.
Me: Come on, Emma. Becky wants you for something. (Emma goes.)
Dougie: I’m not going out with Becky!
Neil (Dougie’s friend): Who’s she?
Dougie: A girl in 1st Year.
Me: That one over there. (I point.)
Neil: Oh.
Dougie: And before you ask, I am not buying her an Easter egg. I’ll get a pit bull!
Me: I wasn’t going to say that.
Dougie: Oh.
Me: Just tell her to stop following you about.
Dougie: I will. (Walks away.)
[Well that was a riveting “conversation”, wasn’t it?]

He hardly ever speaks, never mind to me! [‘Me’ was underlined 4 times.] It could be something to do with him overhearing Freda saying, “Tess does like Dougie, doesn’t she?” – Maybe he was pleased! [Definitely not.]

I had a Geography test today too. It was pretty solid! Bye!

Saturday 30th There were 2 lads playing cricket in the field behind our house today. Mollie barked at them. She also barked when we were making a see-saw with a plank of wood and the wall.

There probably won’t be much mention of Dougie this week, seeing as I won’t see him (boo) Or much mention of Freda (yay). Bye!

Sunday 31st My hair is a lot shorter now because I let Mum cut it to about shoulder-length. [Just about better than attempting to cut it myself.]

Abby and I spend most of the day making a small fire from bricks and leaves and twigs. It looked a bit like this:


Mum and Dad have decided they want to burn the shed down. I don’t want them to but it is getting a bit dangerous really. [It’s still there 18 years on and full of spiders that appear to have been growing since the early ’80s. I don’t go in.]

It’s the last day of March so the clocks went forward. Bye!

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