I touched his coat – Mid March 1996

Monday 18th I suppose school was ok today. It was as boring as ever but could have been worse.

Music – It was a yawn because all we did was write out a passage and fill in the gaps.
Maths – We were told that we’ll be having an assessment that is so hard that even some of the 5th Years would get stuck! (We’re in 2nd Year but top set.)
English – This was a yawn too because we’re having to re-write a scene from some scripts. I am the operator and police woman.
Geography = Boring
P.E. = Apparatus = OK!

I saw Dougie today. I touched his coat. [Swoon!] Bye!

Tuesday 19th I had quite a good day today, even though Leona has fallen out with Freda over P.E. socks so I’ve been hearing both sides of the story. [You lucky thing.]

R.E. was boring and so was history (except we’re not sitting boy-girl-boy-girl any more). In Tech, Lizzie and I did a lot of catching up. French was awful and Science was boring. [Science being boring seems to be a given.] Bye!

Wednesday 20th Hello again! [Hello!] I had an ok day today I suppose. There were only 13 of us in our form this morning because most people were doing the dress rehearsals for Bugsy Malone.

In drama, we were doing these stage fight moves. It was quite good. I sat on my own in French because flipping Freda wasn’t there (Bugsy). English was boring, Art was boring and Science was awful! Everyone knows that Freda likes that complete idiot Robert Osborne but today, just to have him pay attention to her, she told him I liked him! Fat chance of that!

Also Freda thinks – well, knows – that I like Dougie. She is constantly writing Tess 4 Dougie on things! Today she caught me looking at posters in the Science lab and she saw Dougie’s name on one and started laughing. She then started teasing that I was looking at it. I was actually but I was not going to tell her that!

I walked past Dougie today and he looked right at me! Bye!

Thursday 21st When I went to wait for my flute lesson after school, Dougie was there with some other boys. Becky the 1st Year was back and she was going to say to him, “If you would go out with me if I was in 2nd Year then you must like me, so what’s the problem?” She didn’t actually say it which won me a bet. I didn’t put any money on it though.

I did feel a bit sorry for Dougie and I wanted to tell Becky to leave him alone but I didn’t have the nerve! He did keep looking at me. [Because you’re being weird!] I hope he likes me but I doubt it!

I have decided to go on the residential trip to Wales with school. Bye!

Friday 22nd When I was coming out of my form room, Dougie was walking in front of me and, of course, Freda tried to push me into him. She didn’t manage but she said loudly, “So it’s true you like Dougie then, is it Tess?!” IT WAS REALLY EMBARRASSING AND HE WAS WITH ALL HIS MATES TOO! I couldn’t look at them but I saw Dougie turn round.

Freda started writing TS 4 JD notes in Geography but I got them off her. Not much else happened. Bye!

Saturday 23rd Not much happened this morning apart from Mollie going in the pond and rolling in dirt. She smelt awful!

This afternoon I went to Emma’s house and we went to the shops to get some black nail varnish. It looks like an oil slick when you spill it! Afterwards, we found a passageway through the trees which was far longer than we thought. We had an interesting conversation though about what we thought of Dougie. Emma isn’t sure what she thinks of him. I am though and it’s LIKE! Bye!

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