I woke up feeling like a square – Middle-ish March 1996

Tuesday 12th I didn’t go to school today because I felt ill. I woke up feeling like a square. [??!] I asked Mum for a drink of Ribena and the medical dictionary and she laughed at me.

There’s not anything else to write really apart from it snowed a bit and Mollie ate some. Oh, and Mum sat on the cat. Bye!

Wednesday 13th I’ve not been in school today either. I’ve not got a temperature anymore but I’ve been left with a bad cold. If I don’t go tomorrow I will have missed 2 Technology lessons and 3 Science lessons. If I’m asked to catch up it’ll take me yonks! Bye!

Thursday 14th I’m going to school tomorrow. I phoned Leona and she said I haven’t missed much. He brother was listening in on the call and it was really annoying!

Mum admitted that she loved Mollie today but then Mollie dragged the entire contents of a bin down the stairs. There’s chewed toilet paper all over the house too. Bye!

Friday 15th At least I tried school but I went home after Maths. I just couldn’t concentrate! It had been nice and warm at home but it wasn’t in school. Bye!

Saturday 16th Mum and I went into town to try and get me a new coat for school because the lining is falling out of the one I have now. Eventually we bought a nice one from C&A, a pair of boots from Shoe Express, Boots tokens from both Grandmas for Mother’s Day and a few more things.


For our Mum, we’ve got (Dad’s got) a great big bunch of flowers, 2 big boxes of chocolates and a card from a long list of animals as well as me and Abby. The list says:

Love from Tess, Abby,
Mollie, Cleo [the cat],
1, 2, 3 & Chip [the stick insects],
the things in the pond,
the guinea pigs
and Dad xxx

We’ve hidden it all in the spare room. I hope she likes it! Bye!

Sunday 17th I’ve had my 2nd period today and I’m going back to school tomorrow. There was blood in my knickers which I panicked at but I have been telling myself it’s normal and that I haven’t got to panic at all. In the morning, I am going to wait in bed a bit until Abby gets up then I’ll get dressed slowly, starting with the top half. When Abby goes downstairs, I’ll run in the bathroom and get the sanitary towels. [Stealthy.]

We all went to Grandma S’s today and took Mollie. Mollie weed in the kitchen, then in the dining room and then let a wee trickle down the stairs. Then she pooed outside. It was good! [Really? Are you sure?] We weren’t sure if Grandma would like her but she did. [Really? Are you sure?]

It was the last one of my favourite programmes today. It’s called BALLYKISSANGEL. [I’d got over wanting to be Lizzie Bennet/Jennifer Ehle in favour of becoming Assumpta Fitzgerald/Dervla Kirwan.] Hamish MacBeth is coming on instead next week, which is ok I suppose.

Mum liked her Mother’s Day presents and we managed to persuade her to let us have a second Black Magic chocolate each too! Bye!

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