Upset because I was upset – Early-ish March 1996

Tuesday 5th I got pretty upset just now and I don’t know why! [Hormones.] I think I was just upset because I was upset! [Definitely hormones.] Freda is still on about Dougie and that’s partly why I cried. She wrote TS 4 JD on the ice cream van. Bye!

Wednesday 6th Here’s how my lessons today went:

Drama – Ok because we’re on a new topic.
French – I had to sit on my own because Freda was off.
English – Boring and I sat by myself because Cat is away.
Art – We’ve got a new teacher for 9 weeks and I think she’ll be a homework fanatic.
Science – Boring.

Dougie has dumped Megan. Bye!

Thursday 7th Emma and I asked Dougie out for Becky the 1st Year. [Why would I do that?! Back off, Becky the 1st Year!] He said no and we asked him why and he said it was because he didn’t want to. [Yessss! In your FACE, Becky! I feel all involved in this again.] Becky the 1st Year was cross and Emma was cross with Dougie for upsetting Becky the 1st Year. I’m glad he said no because I would’ve been jealous. Apparently, Dougie dumped Megan because he only went out with her to kiss her.

Mollie was chasing feet and leaves today. Bye!

Friday 8th I’ve just been watching a film called Coming To America and it’s now 11:30pm. I’m not very tired yet. Bye!

Saturday 9th This evening, Abby, Mum and I went to do line dancing the sports club. [HAAAAA! So cool.] It was really good. Hayley was there too. The woman that was teaching us had red flashing lights on her boots [nice] and a T-shirt with the name of her club on it which was (excuse me) Shitkickers! [Ooh, you sweary little bastard!] Bye!

Monday 11th In English today we had to perform scripts from a soap opera we have written. The one by my group was a complete disaster! In P.E., we had extra people in our group because of the rain. Not a very interesting point really! [Nope.] Emma still thinks I like Dougie and she says she saw him smile at me. Yeah, right! Bye!

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