Now she can’t go to the toilet – Very Early March 1996

Friday 1st I’m going to a party tomorrow at Pleasure Island which is like an indoor adventure playground. I’ve been before for Abby’s birthday and it was good then.

I’m really annoyed with myself because I have left my watch in school! It’s so frustrating and I’m going to have to borrow Abby’s tomorrow. [Ah, the days before owning a mobile phone.]

We’re all really worried about Mollie because she has been eating bones from the garden and now she can’t go to the toilet.

I actually admitted to Emma that I like Dougie a lot and it turns out she does too! Loads of people like him [he’d moved to our school from Cumbria and was therefore really exotic] so there’s a very, very small chance of him ever liking me. He hardly ever speaks to me, even if we’re in the same room. He probably doesn’t like me at all. Bye!

Saturday 2nd As I think I mentioned, we went to Pleasure Island today. We set off at 1:30pm and got home about 10:30pm. [Dirty stopouts.] It was ace! Except that on the coach (both ways) Freda kept writing TS 4 JD on the window! When we arrived we had to queue for everything. I didn’t go bowling but I went roller skating and things.

Mum just told me that Mollie fell in the pond again! We are going to give her a bath tomorrow! That’ll be fun!

I now know where James William Douglas lives. [Oh, God. I’d found out Dougie’s full name too. It was probably so I could imagine our wedding more effectively.] Bye!

Sunday 3rd I woke up quite late this morning. It was 10:45am and Mum announced we were going to give Mollie a bath in the evening. This never happened though because Dad got in a bad mood with Abby over the way she eats her tea.

I took Mollie for a walk instead and had to take several leaves out of her mouth, as well as 2 bones and the tail end of some kind of small rodent. Urgh!

I don’t want to go back to school tomorrow really. I always hope that I could have a nice, friendly conversation with Dougie without all our friends about. Or maybe with Cat there. [Moral support.] I know that won’t happen though. Bye!

Monday 4th I got to stand next to Dougie today. [That’ll have to do.] Emma said later that if I asked him out he would probably say yes but I’m not so sure.

Mollie’s got fleas. Bye!

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