Oo-er! A Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

Ee by gum! I’ve been nominated for one of those Liebster Award thingies so I shall enter the world of 2014 briefly.

Firstly, ta very much for that, The Girl with the Mousy Hair. Go on, have a look at the day-to-day musings of a self-proclaimed mad-woman with a love of swearing and underpants.

I do have a bit of a problem though. As I’ve only been blogging for a week, I’ve not found enough blogs that’d qualify to be nominated. Most have done this recently or have over 200 followers but, rather than just ignorez-vousing it, I have hatched a plan… I’ll do the first 3 bits now and will nominate others at a later date when I have found some worthy blogs.

Please do note that I am very forgetful, hence writing everything down with diagrams. If I don’t come back to the nominations, feel free to give me a nudge as it may have slipped my mind.

Right then… for those of you that aren’t aware, the Liebster Award is designed to bring together new bloggers with less than 200 followers, by promoting their blog and introducing everyone to some ace-icles new ones!

The rules are as follows:

  • You have to link back to the blogger that nominated you. (Tick)
  • You have to provide 11 facts about yourself. (Tick)
  • You have to answer the 11 questions provided by the person who nominated you. (Tick)
  • You have to nominate 11 people, and set them some questions. (Fail. See me.)

Here are 11 factlets about me:

1. I’m really good in a quiz if the subject of flags comes up.
2. I once had a duck that thought I was her mum.
3. It was 10 years before my parents told me that said duck hadn’t actually ‘flown away’.
4. I really hate cucumber. Despite what most people say, it DOES have a taste and pollutes any other food it touches.
5. O.B. from Hollyoaks accidentally elbowed me in the face.
6. I think that sphagnum moss is amazetits.
7. I didn’t used to eat mushrooms just in case someone had accidentally picked a toadstool.
8. I can pronounce Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch and once won a Mars Bar for doing so correctly. Thanks, Grandma L, for equipping me with such valuable life skills.
9. I drink a lot of tea.
10. When I was little, I wanted to be called Victoria so much that I wrote ‘Victoria Simpson’ in the front of all my books. I prefer my own name now. No offence, Vickys of the world.
11. The excitement of it snowing has not reduced with age.

11 questions set for me to answer:

1. What is your favourite type of biscuit?
Dark chocolate Hobnobs. They aren’t that easy to find so I get over-excited in the middle of a supermarket when I spot them.
2. What, if any, embarrassing thing has recently happened to you?
Some of my school friends have read this diary blog. I’ve spent a lot of time going a bit red this week. I suppose that’s my own fault though.
3. If you had the power to control the universe, what is the very first thing you would do?
That’s a big question. I would probably ensure that all shops (Staples, Ikea, Dorothy Perkins etc.) sold dark chocolate Hobnobs. World peace would quickly follow.
4. What ‘childish’ thing do you secretly still do?
It’s no secret but when I stay somewhere overnight, I check under the bed and in the wardrobe. It’s not for monsters anymore, it’s for murderers.
5. Batman or superman?
Batman. I really like bats.
6. Who are your top 5 role models?
David Attenborough – I wish I could have him as a 3rd Grandad. He has to live forever. I will not cope if he ever drops off his perch.
Beyonce – We could teach each other a thing or two about singing and dancing.
Mum – Kind, funny and has always known damn well what I’m up to.
Elizabeth Bennet – Not a real person but we all know I wanted to be her.
Michael Fish – I always fancied being a weatherman woman to the degree that I painted this massive map of Britain on my living room wall at university and made some sticky weather symbols.

Weather map
7. What have you learned from blogging so far?
That I have it easy. I unknowingly did all the hard work 18 years ago and I can blame any poor spelling and grammar on 13 year old me. I don’t know how everyone else constantly comes up with interesting bits to write. It’s very impressive and hats off to you all.
8. What’s the weirdest way you’ve ever made a friend?
One of my friends dabbled in a spot of swinging. I went on a night out with my friend and one of the wives. We all went out for drinks quite regularly for a while. If we had to stay over, I slept on the sofa. On my own.
9. Where would you most like to be right now?
Back in bed. I had caffeine too late last night and now I’m tiiiiiired.
10. What’s your dream job?
Weatherman woman or an owl keeper.
11. How did you decide what hairstyle you were going to get?
Oh, I don’t decide. My hair does that for me. It’s constantly trying to escape whatever I style I choose so I just tame it as much as possible and hope for the best.

The last bit would be to nominate 11 bloggers and set them 11 questions. I have the questions ready and I will choose nominees at a later date.

Now, back to 1996…


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