A gingerbread man’s head as a Valentine – Middle-ish February 1996

Friday 9th I just can’t believe Leona sometimes! A few weeks ago she really hated Lindsey and Karen, who are always really nasty to me, but now she’s like their best friend! She walked home with them last night [TRAITOR!] and they were saying things about me but she won’t tell me what. Some friend she is! I have just written my Christmas thank you letters and my mum is coming now so I have to go! Bye!

Saturday 10th Dad is saying we can have a dog again and he’d better not change his mind this time! Mum didn’t want one but says she doesn’t care anymore. It all started when Dad was looking through ‘Loot’ for a trailer and saw an ad for 6 Jack Russell pups. [Having checked Loot, the trailers & towbars are definitely nowhere near the puppies. He totes just wanted a puppy.]

It’s Valentine’s Day on Wednesday and I’m dreading it! Last year, Lindsey and Karen put a Valentine’s message in the school paper but they put my name at the bottom of it. It was so embarrassing! Bye!

Sunday 11th I’ve been doing Maths revision nearly all day. I can’t seem to get the hang of it. The topic is gradients [uuugh] and it’s really hard. I’m really lucky my dad understands it all because my mum doesn’t have a clue! Bye!

Monday 12th Our form room has kitchens in it because it’s also the Home Economics room. I went up there to leave my bag and Dougie was preparing some food. As I was leaving, Freda was heading upstairs. By eck, did I try and stop her! I couldn’t though. I was so relieved that Dougie had gone by the time she went in! She would’ve teased me so much. I get an extra 5 mins with him on Thursday after my flute lesson. Here’s the timetable [WT actual F?!]:

3:20pm – Last lesson ends
4:00pm – Flute lesson
4:30pm – End of flute lesson
4:35pm – Dougie’s lesson starts
4:45pm – Meet Mum


Tuesday 13th It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I think the school paper comes out. Oh no! Bye!

Wednesday 14th Quite a lot of people I know got Valentine’s cards today. I didn’t. I don’t know whether to be relieved or offended! Leona got a gingerbread man’s head as a Valentine off someone. Dougie got a card from some girl and read it out. It said “I love you. I am musical. You know me!” Hmm. Apparently he’s going out with Megan anyway. Ed (who I’ve known since I was a baby) said that he’d split them up so he can have Megan and I can Dougie. Great! Everyone knows! Bye!

[This was stuck in my diary, presumably because of Valentine's Day. We all know who you luuuurve, Moll.]

[This was stuck in my diary, presumably because of Valentine’s Day. We all know who you luuuurve, Tess.]

3 thoughts on “A gingerbread man’s head as a Valentine – Middle-ish February 1996

  1. We’d quite often walk to the bakery in the village to get fuel for our stalking missions, usually in the form of a meat and potato pasty. It must’ve seemed so irrelevant compared to that 5 minute window of actual stalking opportunity that it wasn’t worth writing down.


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