I already have her sock to hang up on my bedroom wall – Very Early February 1996

Thursday 1st I missed most of my Maths lesson (YES!!!) because there was an orchestra photo being taken. That took up the morning break and about 15 mins of Maths. Then for another 15 mins, Emma, Cat and I messed around in Mr P’s room until he told us to go to our lessons! Our flute lesson tonight was cancelled but Emma and I waited anyway. [No doubt hoping for a glimpse of Dougie.] Some weird boy was just wandering around so we had a conversation similar to this one:

Me: Who are you?
Boy: I’m dead.
Emma: You what?
Boy: I’m dead.
Me: Which form are you in? Sorry, WERE you in?
Boy: I don’t know.
Emma: (Walks up to him and prods him.) My hand won’t go through you so you’re alive.
Boy: I know! I fooled you! (Leaves room then comes back.)
Me: Where’ve you been?
Boy: Hell. It’s a nice place!
[He seems like a winner then.]

The conversation ended about there. Later on, two guitar players came in and played the pop songs ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Roll With It’ loudly. Dougie started dancing so I gave him a funny look and he smiled at me! [That sweet grimace of terror again?] He’s actually quite nice. Bye!

Friday 2nd I thought I was going to have a really, really bad day because things kept going wrong, like spilling water. [Water? Oh, you just wait until you spill red wine on your Auntie G’s cream sofa. THAT was really, really bad.] It actually wasn’t so bad at school but it wasn’t brilliant either. Freda was at it again, this time with Dougie because I stupidly told her he smiled at me. She wrote TS 4 JD all over my history book! Bye!

Saturday 3rd I’m unlikely to ever see Roxanna again. [Because she was going for good? Or because I was convinced only bad things happen in and to aeroplanes after watching 999 Lifesavers?] Her family are catching a plane to Heathrow tomorrow to go to Australia. I am actually going to miss her!

We went to the sheep farm for the last time with her and she said goodbye to them all. We gave her some presents (photos and a ring). I already have her sock to hang up on my bedroom wall next to the one from my cousin Rhian. [Wait… WHAT?!] I was thinking about how horrid she’s been but there are nice things we’ve done together like visiting the sheep farm, ice skating on frozen puddles, building a duck pond, the treehouse, and so many other things. [Like exchanging socks for wall displays?]

Anyway, enough about her! England played Wales in the 5 Nations rugby and won 20-15. Bye!

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