I am really bothered about my fringe blowing back – Late January 1996

Thursday 18th I’ve just been caught watching the telly at 11:40pm and Mum is really cross! I was watching a programme about this new pop group called Upside Down. [Not Pride and Prejudice? I’m shocked! Tracked the boyband down though.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upside_Down_(band) ] They’re really good. So I remember, their names are GILES, RICHARD, JAMIE and CHRIS. Bye!

Friday 19th In English, Mr M said we could bring a book of our choice. I took 2 – a Nancy Drew Files and Pride and Prejudice [of course]. Some other girls read from Sweet Valley High books. To most of us they seem reasonable but to Mr M they were “tripe”. He read out the soppiest sections just to embarrass the girls and I thought this was awful so I jolly well told him so! [Cripes!]

I watched 999 Lifesavers on TV tonight. This week it was ‘Sea of Fire’ about an oil tanker that set on fire with 30 people and 2 canaries on it. The only death was a canary. The RAF men that rescued them were so, so brave! [I still don’t like boats. Thanks, Michael Buerk.] Bye!

Saturday 20th I was thinking today. Wouldn’t it be good to have a twin brother in your form at school who was friends with any boys you happen to like at the time! It probably wouldn’t be good actually because they would tell people things about you. Now, I want to get on with reading ‘The Making of Pride and Prejudice’ so I will leave it at that. [I totes wanted to be Lizzie Bennet and/or Jennifer Ehle.] Bye!

Sunday 21st All I have done today is flipping homework! I think it’s stupid and there should be a law against it! Especially at weekends! Bye!

Tuesday 23rd It’s really quite windy now and it’s about 10pm. It’s been windy all day. Usually I am really bothered about my fringe blowing back but I actually felt rather confident about my spots! [You embrace that pizza face, Moll!] The pizza I made in Home Economics today was a success [aw, that’s why… I felt part of a herd] and tasted really good! Bye!

Wednesday 24th The school library is run by that stupid old bag Miss McG. Cat, Emma, Lizzie and I were in the library at dinner revising for science. Miss McG told me off for chewing, Cat off for wearing her coat, Lizzie off for moving 2 chairs and Emma off for butting into a conversation! She is so strict and wears her hair in the same daft way every day! Bye!


[I may be mistaken but my drawing suggests that Miss McG held her daft hair in place with the limbs of children that wronged her. That arm probably moved a table.]

Thursday 25th We were following Dougie round nearly everywhere today! I don’t know why but he kept smiling at me. [Grimaces of sheer terror?] Lucy and Emma used to like him and now I quite like him too! Bye!

Friday 26th I have just finished watching 999 Lifesavers [oh, God, not again] and it was called ‘Lonely Walk’. It was about people that had to get a huge unexploded bomb out from under a really big gas chamber to make it safe. Thank goodness that there are people in this world who are brave enough to do things like that! IT SNOWED TODAY!!! Bye!

Saturday 27th It is still snowing and we made a snowman. Then Abby and I also showed Mum and Dad our gym routine. I have drawn some of the main positions (it’s not us!) but that’s just a simple diagram and there’s more to it, like forward rolls. Bye!

Gym routine

[Jesus Christ! Although some (most) look a wee bit rude, they really weren’t.]

6 thoughts on “I am really bothered about my fringe blowing back – Late January 1996

    • Hehe.. that does make me a little bit happy. Weirdly, I saw Miss McG a few weeks ago and she looks exactly the same as she did 18 years back. I’d be convinced she’s a witch if she hadn’t been shopping in Asda at the time. Not a very witch-y thing to do.


  1. My goodness me. I’m taking off my hat (if I had one) to you in awe and appreciation. I’m nearing 50 and still not brave enough to reread my diaries, let alone publish them. I love young Molly. I think it’s fantastic that she (you) stood up to that Mr M. What a horrible thing to do to those girls. I totally wanted to be Lizzie B. And that was before Colin Firth played Darcy. Waaaaaaay before. Although I was pretty pleased he got the role, I’d had a crush on him since he played Tommy in ‘Another Country’. Thanks for sharing young Molly’s thoughts and adventures :)K


    • I’m not brave enough to tell most people I went to school with about this though. Only a select few. I’d never be able to go to the pub at home again! I might have to re-watch and re-read Pride & Prejudice again soon to see what all the fuss was about 🙂


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