I had the word ‘fallopian’ stuck in my head – Early January 1996

Monday 1st   HAPPY NEW YEAR! Went to Grandma S’s today. I’m finding it a right pain having to sneak upstairs to change sanitary towels every 2 hours or so! Anyway, Auntie G has got us some nice Christmas presents. I got a picture of a sheep made out of paper. Bye!

Friday 5th Freda told me who she likes boy-wise. Ollie is 3rd on the list! Ha ha! Bye!

Saturday 6th I am 6 days into this period and it still hasn’t gone! I woke up this morning and thought “Yes!” because there was no blood but it’s back now. It’s not fair! Bye!

Sunday 7th I took the sanitary towel off this evening and now I don’t crinkle when I walk! Abby, Roxanna and I went to the sheep farm today. Rox thinks she has seen one from last year. I’m not so sure. Bye!

Monday 8th I’ve had an awful day! It really started when I couldn’t sleep last night and Mum shouted at me. Then this morning I had an argument with Abby [hormones] which ended with her whacking me with a shampoo bottle [hormones]. Then I got told off again!

I arrived at school and Leona was off. That was great (not) because it meant being stuck with Freda for most of the day. At lunch, Sarah told Freda to *#!? off so I said “Why did you just tell her to *#!? off?” and Mr C walked past and said “PARDON?!” I thought I was in trouble but I wasn’t. Bye!

Tuesday 9th My cooking in Home Economics was very near a complete disaster! I made a tuna pitta thing. [I’m not sure that’s counted as ‘cooking’.] All the bread got holes in it so when I tried to put the tuna in it all fell out again! I would never have got it home intact so Freda and I ate it. Bye!4 Early January 1996 - Tuna pitta

Wednesday 10th Another horrid day. I will tell you why. It started when I woke up and I had the word ‘fallopian’ stuck in my head. I said to myself I’d find out what it meant later. I did! Urgh! Then:

Period 1 – Drama lesson. Had to get into groups and act out a typical family breakfast time. I got put in a group with all boys. That was awful.
Period 2 – French. I had to sit on my own because Freda was away and Mr A kept picking on me to answer questions in French! [Of all things!]
Period 3 – English. The homework has taken me ages!
Period 4 – Art. Sarah had disappeared so I was stuck next to Ollie! He keeps teasing me and being a pest. Sarah returned and it turned out she had been ill and CAME BACK TO SCHOOL! Why bother?
Period 5 – Science. Boring.


Thursday 11th There’s this boy in my form called Robert Osborne. I really, really can’t stand him! He’s one of those kids that grown-ups like and everyone else hates. Of course, just because she knew I hated him, Freda decided to pin a piece of paper on the noticeboard saying TS 4 RO! Luckily I caught them but no doubt someone will try something similar soon. I am absolutely dreading going to school tomorrow now! Bye!

Friday 12th The school part of the day wasn’t so bad. I’ve just watched 999 Lifesavers on TV and it was called ‘Operation Coat Hanger’ and it was a true story! Basically, this woman punctured a lung on an aeroplane and these people had to do an operation on the seat at 34,000 feet whilst she was conscious! [I still don’t like flying. Thanks, Michael Buerk.] Bye!

Monday 15th It’s only Monday and I’m dreading Wednesday’s drama lesson already! Bye!

Tuesday 16th All the worrying about drama has set me off twitching! I’ve been blinking all evening! Freda was being her usual self today. She gave my fountain pen to a boy and he wouldn’t give it back. Bye!

Wednesday 17th You’ll never guess what! Drama was actually quite good! I ended up in a group with Freda and Leona and not the boys! Why is it that I keep putting exclamation marks where I don’t need them? I’ll have to control myself! Bye!

Hello Future Readers

[Hello young Tess, you cringe-worthy little thing!]

5 thoughts on “I had the word ‘fallopian’ stuck in my head – Early January 1996

  1. hi there! i loved your blog/diaries, they remind me of the cringe-tastic things i did when i was younger too ^^ keep going, i would love to read more!


    • Hello and thank you! Don’t worry, there’s plenty more cringetastic rubbish where this came from. I’m flitting between cringing, chuckling and thinking “ohh, I’d forgotten about that” as I’m reading through them. Mainly cringing though 🙂


  2. Omg this is sooo hilarious, I love it! I’m posting my love letter emails from 1999 on my blog in my story Joyride To Egypt. Best wishes on a really successful blog, I am doing Z2H blogging 101 with you – greetings from Egypt!


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