It started dribbling down her head – October & November 1995

Saturday 28th October I got this diary yesterday from Hayley. I had a sleepover for my 13th birthday. I am absolutely shattered! I had my party early because of school which I have to go back to on Monday. Bye!

Monday 30th I am back at school now and it’s nice to see all my friends and see how tired they were. Nobody has won much on the lottery so I haven’t got millionaires for friends. Bye!

Tuesday 31st It’s Halloween today and Auntie G’s birthday. When I was little I thought she was a witch but she’s too pretty. I don’t know if there are pretty witches and I don’t want to find out. I went to the doctor after school about my spots and he gave me tablets. Bye!

Wednesday 1st November It’s my birthday soon! Woopee! Mum’s hiding my presents in the ironing basket. I’m hoping for more books because I finished my 3 in 1 Nancy Drew Files. I love reading, especially Nancy Drew and Babysitters Club books. Bye!

Friday 3rd It was a horrible day for me today, apart from it being a non-uniform day at school. It really started in orchestra when Emma told me my fringe was irritating my spots. That was embarrassing enough but when she said the same in flute lesson after school, I just felt like crying. I did when I got home. I wish my spots would go away. Bye!

Saturday 4th There was a bonfire at the Methodist church. I only ate half a hotdog because I think it was raw. Bye!

Sunday 5th It’s the real bonfire night and I can hear fireworks and my sister Abby sneezing. Watching TV this evening even though Pride and Prejudice isn’t on any more. Mum says she will get the video when it’s back in stock. I just love it. Bye!

Monday 6th I have been reading a story in the paper about Pride and Prejudice. In school I had to sit on my own in Maths because Hayley was away. Bye!

Tuesday 7th I have just been watching Soldier Soldier on telly for the first time. I wanted to see it because all my friends go on and on about it. Anyway, I made a quiche today in Home Economics which turned out quite well. Also, I have been feeling sorry for Hayley because she has fallen out with all her friends. Bye!

Thursday 9th Hayley has made friends with everyone again. Bye!

Friday 10th Emma told me she was walking down the stairs at school today and a boy spat on her head. It was all catar [Catarrh. Many thanks, spell checker.] and it started dribbling down her head so she wiped it on Poppy’s coat. Bye!

Saturday 11th It’s my last day as a 12 year old. It was my friend’s 13th party today and I had to dress up as a hippy. I wore a long pink cheesecloth dress with lots of bracelets. I won pass the parcel. Bye!

Sunday 12th I am 13 now! I really don’t know if I want to be because Abby says I’m moody (I’m not) and Dad keeps teasing that we’ve got a teenager in the house. The presents in the ironing basket were a dressing gown, a jumper, some books, a cassette tape, a hair clip and a load of writing paper. Bye!

Tuesday 14th I hate French lessons. I hate Lindsey and Karen too. Lindsey said something to me about getting cream for acne. I shouted back that she could get plastic surgery. She has one of the biggest gobs I have ever seen. Bye!

Thursday 16th Mum and Dad have decided we’re going to Scotland over Christmas. I’ve never had a Christmas Day away from home before and I feel sorry for Grandma and Auntie G who we usually have dinner with. Bye!

Friday 17th Yes! It’s the weekend! There was a fight in school today. I was in orchestra and missed it. Bye!

Saturday 18th We went to see Pocahontas today at UCI cinema. It was grate! [Grate? Really?! ‘Catar’ I can forgive.] Then we went shopping to Tammy Girl to get Abby some tartan trousers. [HahaHAAAA! Fit.] Bye!

Sunday 19th Uh! Monday tommorrow (have I spelt that right?) [NO!] I’m going on a school trip for Maths. I’m a bit worried about how the coaches will be organised. I hope I’ll be with Hayley. Bye!

Monday 20th I went to the Catalyst Museum [it’s still there] today. It was quite good apart from filling in sheets and carrying a clipboard. I bought a rainbow pencil and a sticker from the shop. I have started reading Pride and Prejudice. My mum read it in about 3 evenings! It’s over 300 pages! Quick or what! Bye!

Saturday 25th We went out looking for bikes today. Abby wanted all the expensive ones and I wanted a red Jackal Raleigh. I actually wanted a sofa bed [??!] but I have decided to save up for that. Mum is watching the video of Pride and Prejudice now [Obsessed much?!]. I want to as well but she will not let me at this time of night. Bye!

Monday 27th My 3 year old cousin Minnie got hold of a pair of scissors this weekend and chopped all her hair off! Grandma L told her off and showed her in the mirror. She didn’t cry, she just laughed and said “Ha ha! I’ve missed a bit!” Bye!

Thursday 30th Freda thinks I like Ollie [I did] and has been passing notes around saying that I heart Ollie [I did heart Ollie]. I’m so embarrassed [Still am]. Bye!

23 thoughts on “It started dribbling down her head – October & November 1995

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  4. I found this blog through Community Pool, and absolutely love it! I’m supposed to be reading up on phospholipids and transport proteins but I can’t. stop. reading your posts…


  5. Just one thing hahahaha Tammy Girl! Oh my memories just flooded back of all my trips there to get my ‘trendy’ clothes! I wish I had kept all my diaries, although I think they just listed the order I fancied boys! So funny x


  6. friday the 17th … what kind of fight would that be?

    I also realise how cool it wouldve been when you read through your diary and thinking, “How could I ever do that!” or “I never thought I could ever be that naive” or “Oooooh, yeah! That’s one helluva thing! How could I forget that!”
    These do really feel good!
    especially when you hate someone just because they complained about you to a teacher or someone calling you a bad-boy/ bad-girl (That was one helluva insult back when I was a kid!)


    • That fight was boys punching eachother.

      I’ve found it both incredibly embarrassing and pretty funny reading back what I did and though 2 decades ago. It is also really nice to have all the little details written down about holidays and fun things that happened because there’s no way I would’ve remembered them.

      Liked by 1 person

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